IPL Project GreenSpace

We partner with neighborhood-based organizations to help eliminate blight and to revitalize public spaces.

  • Why greenspace is important

    Connecting people to nature, creating vibrant places rooted in community and building lasting value by working together. Committed to creating vibrant places and communities, IPL Project GreenSpace is a grassroots effort that transforms vacant lots and underused spaces into natural, beautiful, and functional pocket parks and greenspaces for neighborhoods. KIB has also partnered with Arts Council of Indianapolis to bring art to these spaces in the form of benches, murals, and centerpieces.

  • How we green up indy
    How we green up indy

    KIB helps develop a plan for the space’s design, implementation, and long-term maintenance. Take a look at some of our previous and ongoing projects. Partnership applications are available in early May. This program is competitive, and KIB creates a few new places each year by partnering with neighborhood grounds who have the strongest applications.

    Questions? Contact Joseph Jarzen at jjarzen@kibi.org or 317-264-7555 x106

  • Apply for 2015 IPL GreenSpaces

    2016 IPL Project GreenSpace Applications: The deadline for applications is July, 10th 2015. Please click the link below to apply!

    KIB’s IPL Project GreenSpace Orientation Workshop: Join us at KIB on Thursday May 21st at 5:30PM for an introduction to our GreenSpaces program and what you’ll need to know before you apply. Please RSVP here to attend!

    A digital recording of the workshop will be available for download here on Friday May 22nd.

    Orientation Materials: For your review here are materials that will help you as you put together your IPL Project GreenSpace application.

    GreenSpace Orientation 2014


  • Your Committment
    Your Committment

    Are you committed to beautifying Indy? Here’s what we look for in a partner:

    • Volunteers – At least half of the volunteers on any given project day must come from the neighborhood.
    • Partnership Development – Project partners will work to broaden community engagement with neighbors, businesses, churches, and community organizations that may provide additional project support.
    • Maintenance Commitment – Individuals will be needed  to take on specific maintenance roles and to coordinate volunteers to maintain the space.
    • Celebrations – Project partners will help provide food for project days and plan dates to celebrate the space when milestones are reached.
  • What KIB provides
    What KIB provides

    To ensure project success and sustainability, KIB makes a multi-year commitment to its project partners.

    • Expertise, Support and Guidance – KIB will provide support in community engagement, design, volunteer recruitment and coordination, and project implementation.
    • Native Plants and Trees – KIB will purchase plants and trees. At the end of the project, partners will receive a care binder that will outline common weeds, care and maintenance of the native plantings at the space, and the importance to keep out invasive species.
    • Paths, benches, shelters and nature plays – Hardscape elements called for in the design will be secured by KIB to help complete the site.
    • Maintenance Support – KIB will work with the project partner to identify specific maintenance needs such as watering that they will assist with, as well as schedule follow-up workdays to bring the tool trailer and volunteers.
  • Projects in 2014
    Projects in 2014

    Three neighborhood beautification projects have been chosen as part of KIB’s IPL Project GreenSpace for 2015:

    You can also click here to take a look at some of our previous and ongoing projects.

    Current 2014 & 2015 IPL Project GreenSpace project partners please click here for project resources.

  • Placemaking Resources

    Already an IPL GreenSpace Project Partner? Visit these links below for helpful information and neighborhood resources.

    Have a question? Contact Joseph Jarzen at jjarzen@kibi.org or 317-264-7555 x106.

    Are you interested in creating a community greenspace in your neighborhood in 2015?

    Apply Here
  • sponsors

    IPL Project GreenSpace would not be possible without the support of our sponsors, including: Indianapolis Power & Light Company, Amos Butler Audubon, Arts Council, City of Indianapolis, INPAWS, Lilly Endowment, and REI.