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January 1, 2014

Benedict Inn Peace & Nature Center

By: Jeremy Kranowitz


A native plant oasis and community meditation space will be constructed on the grounds of Benedict Inn. This space will serve as a welcoming gateway to the Beech Grove neighborhood, with long term plans to serve as a potential native outdoor laboratory.

KIB and the Sisters of Benedict Inn envision an urban park that accomplishes three main goals create  a serene environment for meditation and reflection, strengthen the identity of Beech Grove and reconnect St. Benedict Inn with the surrounding community, and finally preserve the natural setting of the park through planting native trees and grasses. The three acres park will provide an inviting place for Sisters, visitors, and community members to reflect and experience a connection to the natural ecosystem.

Finished Space

This project will work to accomplish many things:

Through the design and engagement process, KIB worked with the Sisters of Benedict Inn, and the Beech Grove community to explore different options for the design of this meditative park. BELOW is the design that was selected by the group as the long-term vision for this park. Working from this schematic KIB will construct a portion of the elements in this design that create a solid foundation for  the Sisters of St. Benedict Inn to use to continue to work towards their goal.

Selected Design

The Peace and Nature Garden at Benedict Inn is now completed! With the help of an amazing group of volunteers including the Lilly Day of Service volunteers, students of  Roncalli High School, and a more!

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