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A guild is a mini ecosystem. A tree and the plants around it work together to survive. There are many species, each with its own purpose, that benefit one another. Together, they develop higher resiliency to disease, pests, and drought. A guild takes some time to achieve, and success depends upon the diversity of the group.

In the KIB GUILD, we all work together toward one goal: to create vibrant public places that help the people and nature of Indianapolis thrive!



When you join the KIB GUILD, you are helping to improve equitable access to environmental benefits so our neighbors and nature can thrive. 

  • Make a lasting impact and plant a seed for future growth.
  • Exclusive swag for new members.
  • Invitations to events exclusive to GUILD members.
  • Early access to the annual native plant sale.
  • The latest KIB news in your inbox, just for GUILD members.
  • Double your impact with matching gifts from your employer!
  • Acknowledgment in the KIB Annual Report, plus digital donation receipts!

Need our Tax ID Number? EIN: 31-1005792