Engaged Citizens

KIB Ambassadors

Program Overview

Superstar volunteers help us lead projects throughout the city.

So you got your hands dirty cleaning up our city, and now you’re looking for a bigger commitment with KIB? Great!

KIB Ambassadors do anything from staffing event tables to storytelling to hanging out backstage with musician Jack Johnson. Ambassadors promote the mission and spirit of KIB’s work throughout Indianapolis and are some of the community’s biggest advocates. They make it possible for us to be a resource to as many people in Marion County as possible.

Our Ambassadors are an important part of the KIB family!

Program Details

Like we said, KIB Ambassadors are superstars. Each Ambassador has a 10-project-per-calendar-year goal. Complete with a little friendly competition and perks, the Ambassadors program offers a lot of unique opportunities to help us keep Indianapolis beautiful.

Volunteer Project Assistance and Sign-In

Every week we have projects all over the city, ranging from planting trees to installing pocket parks. KIB Ambassadors act as greeters at these project sites, welcoming volunteers as they arrive, directing them to sign in, and helping hand out tools.

How does this help KIB? It takes a load off the minds of KIB program staff. When staff arrive, they can immediately begin preparing the site, knowing that you will be there to welcome volunteers. Signing volunteers in helps us accurately track hours served, request feedback, invite people to future projects, and improve engagement.

Booth Events and Community Outreach

KIB participates in volunteer fairs and other special events with information booths. KIB Ambassadors attend these events to promote programs such as Community Forestry, Adopt-A-Block, AES Indiana Project GreenSpace, and more.

How does this help KIB?  We get so many requests that KIB staff cannot be everywhere. This is where you come in! Ambassadors help KIB be in more places at more times. These events spread the word about KIB and the wonderful work we do! Ambassadors not only represent KIB but also share their experiences as a committed volunteers.

Warehouse Work

Our warehouses are every hardware-store enthusiast’s dream. But with hundreds of projects happening every year, the warehouse can get pretty disorganized. Come help us straighten up areas of the warehouse and take inventory to make sure supplies are ready for staff and volunteers. Warehouse projects may also include organizing Great Indy Cleanup packets, compiling Adopt-A-Block kits, or doing Trash Box and Recycling Bin inventory.

How does this help KIB? People stop by KIB to pick up program supplies nearly every day. Helping organize the warehouse makes the process quick and easy, and it frees up time for staff to plan more tree plantings!

Office Assistance

Love our mission to help people and nature thrive but don’t love manual labor? We always need volunteers to help with clerical work in the office. Data entry, stuffing envelopes, supply organization, button making. . . these behind-the-scenes things keep the organization running.

How does this help KIB? Ambassadors expedite the mailing process for fundraisers, keep in-demand booth supplies stocked, and save staff time by entering lots of volunteer project records.

Story Gathering and Photography

If we could, we’d capture every story about how a project has impacted a community, what volunteers enjoy about working with KIB, and where to find the natural beauty of newly created public places. But with 20,000 volunteers and countless people served each year, we don’t have enough time to do so. If your skill is interviewing, photography, or storytelling, help us gather images and stories to capture what makes our work so great!

How does this help KIB? With so much activity, sometimes we miss amazing individual stories or the seasonal beauty of a greenspace. KIB Ambassadors capture stories and successes that inspire us and others in the community. Help us understand our impact beyond the numbers.


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