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#KIBEES Pollinator Count

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s an eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly on dense blazing star!

The #KIBees Pollinator Count is a way to engage community scientists (that’s you!) in the important work of counting pollinators, like birds, bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects, and educating Hoosiers on the need to plant native to help people and nature thrive!

Do you have 4 minutes to spend outside? Then you can do a pollinator count!

We have events you can attend, counting kits to use, articles to share, and a goal to increase wild pollinators and biodiversity in our neighborhoods and communities. The information gathered will raise awareness of how vital pollinators are to Indy’s urban ecosystem, get kids and adults to observe and connect with their environment, learn how to identify pollinators and plants. What’s more, the pollinator count will inspire Indianapolis residents to take actions that will help increase wild pollinators and biodiversity in our neighborhoods and communities.

 Count project.

3) Fill out information about your observation and submit!
4) SHARE your awesome pollinator pics online with the hashtag #KIBees

REMINDER: Enter one pollinator species per observation. If you see more than one type of bug during your 4 minute observation, enter each one separately (but you can use the same picture!). SIGN UP WITH iNATURALIST

No computer or smartphone access where you’re going? No fear! Use one of our printable count sheets out in the field.


Interested in learning more about the native plants that our Indiana pollinators love? Check out the native plants KIB uses in GreenSpaces around Indianapolis. 

One way to maximize your impact is to bring your friends and family together to eat, drink, count pollinators, and donate. That’s right, you can throw your own KIB Pollinator Party!

It’s simple: Invite your friends over, tell them about KIB’s work and why it’s important to you, and give them an easy way to donate. Oh, and have a little fun while you’re at it.

Not only are you raising money to support the greening of Indianapolis, you’re also spreading the buzz to your network about the importance of native plants and pollinators (and their role in promoting our well-being).