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Project Greenspace

Program Overview

Transform a space into a thriving, public greenspace.

AES Indiana Project GreenSpace turns vacant lots into community spaces such as parks, orchards, and outdoor classrooms. Selected applicants work with KIB and alongside landscape architects to create a design that captures the sense of spirit and pride of their local neighborhood. The designs are then implemented through the labor of volunteer workdays, hired contractors, and KIB staff, bringing to life a beautiful and vibrant public space. Projects receive maintenance support through KIB’s GreenSpace Sustainability Program in the form of technical, financial, and boots-on-the ground support to ensure these places retain their function and beauty.

Committed to creating vibrant places and communities, AES Indiana Project GreenSpace is a grassroots effort that transforms vacant lots and underused spaces into natural, beautiful, and functional pocket parks and greenspaces. Use our map to find one in your neighborhood and head out to spend some time in nature!

Can’t find a greenspace near you? We create 3 – 5 new spaces each year by partnering with neighbors like you. Consider applying to bring a pocket park to your neighborhood. For more information, contact our Community Engagement department.

Program Details

Our application is open to all as long as the property is publicly accessible, once implemented the space can have a lifespan of at least 10 years, and the applying party recruits a minimum of 5 GreenSpace committee members.

Do you have any questions about AES Indiana Project GreenSpace? Please get in touch with our GreenSpace Program Manager, Kelly Cook at


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