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November 8, 2018

Indianapolis Recycling FAQs


Does the City drop off locations accept cardboard for recycling? Yes, the City drop off containers accept cardboard, ream wrappers, file folders, poster board, frozen food boxes, cardboard boxes, milk cartons, and cereal box-type paperboard. Please visit Indiana Recycling Coalition’s Recycle page to find locations in Marion County, or sign up for curbside recycling with Republic Service.

Can I take office paper and junk mail to City drop off locations? Yes, you can also put these in your own recycling bins. Republic Services will accept a variety of paper products including newspaper, envelopes, junk mail, phone books, brochures, and magazines.

Does the City of Indianapolis offer curbside recycling? YES, curbside recycling is available to all single family residences in Marion County, and includes a small monthly fee. CLICK HERE for more information.

Who do I contact to report a problem at a city drop off recycling site or to inquire about a site? Although KIB used to manage the drop-off recycling program for the City, as of April 2012 the management of this program reverted back to the City. Contact or 327-2987 for questions or concerns.

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