Learn with KIB

We believe in a cleaner, greener city. KIB is here to help all our Indianapolis residents contribute to thriving communities, even in this out-of-the ordinary time. That’s why our three pillars of education are designed to give us the tools to achieve our mission of helping both people and nature.  


Check out the three pillars below: Litter, Pollinators, and Trees. Use the resources and activities provided to further teach and engage your colleagues, students, or community group!


Learn about how litter harms our environment and get outside to help clean up your neighborhood. It's a great way to be involved with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful!


Learn about the importance of pollinators and how we can help provide native landscapes for butterflies, moths, birds, bees, and people to thrive.


Trees produce oxygen for us to breathe. Did you also know they keep our city cool, prevent street flooding, provide food and homes for wildlife, and give people a brain break?