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Be a Plant Scientist!


  • Pen or a pencil
  • Data Sheet
  • Optional: ruler/tape measure, string, thermometer


  1. Pick a plant, flower, tree or vegetable in your yard or neighborhood to observe.
  2. Every Day for 10 days, go outdoors and observe your chosen plant, flower tree or vegetable
  3. Fill out your Data Sheet, describing the weather conditions and anything else you notice about your plant, flower, tree or vegetable including color, height, texture, and animals that might be nearby.

BONUS: If you are observing an Indiana native plant, check out the Plant Finder at and see what kind of pollinators it supports!  Pollinators are animals that move pollen from flower to flower. Examples of common pollinators are bees, wasps, butterflies, moths, and flies.

This lesson utilizes the following STEM Skills:

Analyzing, Classifying and Categorizing, Comparing and Contrasting, Identifying Attributes and Components, Observing