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Reduce and Reuse Activity

Reduce and Reuse Activity

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works is challenging us to reduce, reuse and recycle!  Let’s answer the challenge by finding ways to REUSE and REPURPOSE items in our homes!

You can also print out the KIB Reuse Activity Guide, but you have to at least make a paper airplane out of it when you’re finished.


Items at home that you are ready to throw away or recycle.


  1. Challenge yourself and/or your family to use EVERYTHING at least twice before you throw it away. For example, a salsa jar (use #1) can be washed out and used to hold water for a water color painting (use #2).
  2. Turn that trash or recyclable item into something new! This could be anything from an art project to a garden tool.
  3. Share your creative ideas on social media and tag @kibiorg!