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Native Plant Memory Game

Create your own “memory” game using Indiana Native Plants! Cut out 24 equal-size squares (reuse a piece of paper if you can!) and draw Indiana native plants using the photos from the Lesson Plan. Remember to draw the same plant on two squares. Turn the squares over, mix them up and test your memory!

You can also print out the KIB Memory Cards and cut out the squares.


A piece of paper and something to draw with!


  1. Draw or print out your 24 memory cards
  2. Turn all the cards face down in a grid
  3. Take turns choosing 2 cards to turn over. If you found a match, take the cards out of the grid. If you didn’t find a match, turn the cards face down again, but remember where they are so you can make a match later!
  4. Play until all the cards are matched!