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School’s Out for Summer!

Being hired in April as the new Keep Indianapolis Beautiful KIB Clubs Coordinator, I was eager to start working with our five partner schools before the students left for summer vacation.  After some standard onboarding (administrative forms, a welcome lunch, facility tours, etc) and some not-so-standard procedures (fleet training aka driving a F-350 dump truck!!), I was ready to spend … Read more

Laura Wayne and Reid Wightman

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: Research Scientist, Dow AgroSciences (Laura); Consultant and Owner, RevICS Security (Reid)   What neighborhood do you live in? South Broad Ripple   What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis?  I love the new Mari Evans mural on Mass Ave. She is such a legendary figure in Indianapolis. (Laura) Eagle Creek Reservoir. I love water, and love green spaces.  I’m … Read more

Matthew Foster

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: Career employee with United States Postal Service in Indianapolis. Prior to that I actively served for 22 years in the military befor retiring in 2014. I studied at Columbia Southern University. What neighborhood do you live in? South Edgewood/West of Homecroft. What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis? My wife Jean and I have a tandem bicycle we … Read more

Seven Secrets to Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’s Success

I’m on a Southwest Flight to Washington D.C. today. Ever notice their logo? A heart is at the center. As I prepared to speak to a conference of 1,000 millennials about social entrepreneurship and the urban environment, I built a list of ten or twelve top of mind reasons that have been “secrets” to KIB’s growth and long-term success. When … Read more

Chinquapin Oak Park

In 2012, 296 years after it was planted, Chris Hartley noticed a tree. Hartley, then president of the Springdale Neighborhood Association, discovered that this neighborhood giant was on a lot slated for demolition. Working with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc., Hartley was able to protect the Chinquapin Oak as the city moved forward with clearing the lot. Four years later, in … Read more