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Volunteers For The Win!

Community involvement can make a huge difference to public places. Who likes to be in a place that is full of trash? It all starts with one person to make a difference in our community. Whether it is picking up a piece of trash found in a park or alongside a road – everything makes a difference. Volunteers can greatly … Read more

Watering Alert: Week of August 13, 2014

NORMAL: Marion County received less than the recommended 1-inch of rainfall but everything is normal! Indianapolis received rainfall in small quantities over the past week leading to less than 1-inch, or 15 gallons, of rainfall accumulation. Since your trees are still thirsty, we recommend watering this week! Keep your trees happy and healthy by watering your young trees every week … Read more

Community Tree Watering is More Effective Done Together

If you have ever been responsible for watering a plant you know that it is easy to forget. When they are in need of water they don’t whine or bark, they just begin to quietly wilt. Based on research conducted by Sarah Mincey and Jessica Vogt at Indiana University’s Bloomington Urban Forestry Research Group (BUFRG) at the Center for the … Read more

Hello Fall Creek – Goodbye Honeysuckle

Back in 2012, many of you may have noticed the transformation that showed water does exist along Fall Creek Parkway from Ivy Tech to the Indiana State Fairgrounds behind a wall of growth.  This wall was a thick grove of invasive honeysuckle that has been squeezing the life out of everything else around it and making the site not ideal.  … Read more

Emily Cordes

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position:  Events Manager; Indianapolis Public Library How long have you supported Keep Indianapolis Beautiful? I recently became active with KIB within the past year and hope to stay involved for many years to come! Why do you support KIB? I am a mom of two and hope that my support will not only teach them to value our environment and … Read more