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Dogs In The Workplace

KIB allows staff to bring their dogs into work and let’s just say that everyone is always happy and less stressed when a sweet puppy walks or runs by to say hi.   Allowing dogs at the office can be beneficial to a company’s bottom line. Benefits of dogs in the workplace include increased morale and productivity, happier employees, lower … Read more

IPS #109 Nature Playspace

KIB has partnered with School 109 since 2010 through the KIB Clubs program.  Together, we have planted 23 trees, a native plant garden, and built a fitness track for students and teachers to stroll. Our most recent project came about after realizing that students were limited to a small playground during recess, giving us the opportunity to explore a space … Read more

Watering Alert: Week of July 16, 2014

DRY: Indianapolis did not receive the recommended 1-inch of rainfall. Indianapolis was dry and hot this past week, only receiving a small amount of rainfall. Watering this week is recommended-trees under 5 years of age who will need 15 gallons to thrive. Warm days are in the forecast with a slight possibility of rain towards the weekend. Be on the lookout … Read more

Quick: Name Your Favorite 40 Fruits…

Nectarines are one of my favorite fruits, and I always look forward to when I can find local nectarines at the farmer’s market. If only Indianapolis had The Tree of 40 Fruit, an art series by contemporary artist Sam Van Aken. Thanks to Van Aken, there are now 16 trees out there that grow 40 different varieties of stone fruits … Read more

Keri Jeter

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position:   Human Resources Generalist at Shrewsberry & Associates, LLC What neighborhood do you live in? Old Northside What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis? I’m always inspired by being outdoors and I love being on the cultural trail – the way it connects you to places and other people in the city: two of my favorite places to … Read more