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Volunteer Spotlight: Francine Stonehouse

Name: Francine Stonehouse   Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: I have been joyfully retired for three years. Prior to retirement, I worked various roles with an electronic medical record system: consultant, trainer, manager, designer. Twenty years with the vendor, then the last five with St. Vincent Hospital.   What neighborhood do you live in? I live in southeast Indianapolis, in the little town of … Read more

Donor Spotlight: Matthew Hanger

Name: Matt Hanger Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: Co-Founder and CTO of Willo Labs; KIB Tree Tender What neighborhood do you live in?: Meridian Kessler What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis?: I have a few spots I find myself coming back to. When I need to recharge and recenter, I enjoy walking through the trees at Holliday Park. Rainy spring days are … Read more

School’s Out for Summer!

Being hired in April as the new Keep Indianapolis Beautiful KIB Clubs Coordinator, I was eager to start working with our five partner schools before the students left for summer vacation.  After some standard onboarding (administrative forms, a welcome lunch, facility tours, etc) and some not-so-standard procedures (fleet training aka driving a F-350 dump truck!!), I was ready to spend … Read more

Laura Wayne and Reid Wightman

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: Research Scientist, Dow AgroSciences (Laura); Consultant and Owner, RevICS Security (Reid)   What neighborhood do you live in? South Broad Ripple   What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis?  I love the new Mari Evans mural on Mass Ave. She is such a legendary figure in Indianapolis. (Laura) Eagle Creek Reservoir. I love water, and love green spaces.  I’m … Read more

Matthew Foster

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: Career employee with United States Postal Service in Indianapolis. Prior to that I actively served for 22 years in the military befor retiring in 2014. I studied at Columbia Southern University. What neighborhood do you live in? South Edgewood/West of Homecroft. What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis? My wife Jean and I have a tandem bicycle we … Read more