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“Greatness is largely a matter of conscious choice…” – Jim Collins, Good to Great

This headline above—what an amazing thing for me to have read when I first became president of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful! Empowering, challenging… It helped me realize that just because I didn’t have the highest IQ; or because I didn’t have an MBA; or that I had never made it a goal to lead a company, that it was up to … Read more

Watering Alert: Week of July 23, 2014

  Normal: Indianapolis received over the recommended 1-inch of rainfall. Marion County received over 1-inch of rainfall this morning with more in the forecast for this week, therefore no watering is needed. Keep in mind, trees under 5 years of age require about 15 gallons of water every week to thrive! Tweet @kibiorg with the hashtag #thirstytrees or send us a message on Facebook to let us … Read more

Dogs In The Workplace

KIB allows staff to bring their dogs into work and let’s just say that everyone is always happy and less stressed when a sweet puppy walks or runs by to say hi.   Allowing dogs at the office can be beneficial to a company’s bottom line. Benefits of dogs in the workplace include increased morale and productivity, happier employees, lower … Read more

IPS #109 Nature Playspace

KIB has partnered with School 109 since 2010 through the KIB Clubs program.  Together, we have planted 23 trees, a native plant garden, and built a fitness track for students and teachers to stroll. Our most recent project came about after realizing that students were limited to a small playground during recess, giving us the opportunity to explore a space … Read more

Watering Alert: Week of July 16, 2014

DRY: Indianapolis did not receive the recommended 1-inch of rainfall. Indianapolis was dry and hot this past week, only receiving a small amount of rainfall. Watering this week is recommended-trees under 5 years of age who will need 15 gallons to thrive. Warm days are in the forecast with a slight possibility of rain towards the weekend. Be on the lookout … Read more