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November 30, 2018

2017 October Great Indy Cleanup Focus Neighborhood: Kennedy King

By: Jeremy Kranowitz

Clarissa Hendershot-Thomas is Chair of the Neighborhood Cleanup committee for the Kennedy King Neighborhood Association Board of Directors. She is excited for neighbors, volunteers, and KIB to focus on the Kennedy King neighborhood during the fall 2017 Great Indy Cleanup. 

Kennedy King is a well-loved community that has stood the test of time and continues today to look for ways to keep enhancing what it has to offer. Being selected as the Keep Indianapolis Beautiful fall Focus Neighborhood has been a tremendous honor and we are very excited to get started. As we are currently growing and getting new neighbors, we want to put our best foot forward. Being able to maintain, and improve our amenities and landscapes will really help our community to be connected to their neighborhood and proud of their home. Situated only a short walk north-east of Indianapolis’ original Square Mile, we have the best combination of quiet community and easy access to Indy’s vibrant downtown. Our boundaries are Central Avenue in the west, 22nd Street in the north, the Monon Trail in the east, and 16th Street in the south. Martin Luther King JR. Park stands at our center. Aside from being a beautiful park, with large expanses of green space, a playground, a pool, and basketball courts, the park is also historically significant. MLK Park was the site where Robert Kennedy gave his speech the night King was assassinated.  And we celebrate what that speech did each year. It is said, that the lack of violent outcry in Indianapolis, is largely due to this speech. The park is also home to the Peace Memorial, which honors the contributions of King and Kennedy. Head east from the park on 17th street, and you will see our one of our oldest restaurants and some of our newest businesses on your way to the Monon trail. These include The Kountry Kitchen, Cannon Ball Brewing Co., Rivet Press, and West Fork Whiskey Co. And we are proud to have them. It was a fantastic opportunity for Kennedy King’s Clean Up Committee volunteers to be able to compete in the Focus Neighborhood competition in November of 2016.  Planning is underway for our October 21, 2017 fall clean up! We are very excited to be able to work with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful to beautify our community. Want to join us and volunteer? Visit:

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