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November 7, 2018

Go Local—Plant Natives!

By: Jeremy Kranowitz

Deb Bonte of INPAWS, the Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society blogs about INPAWS upcoming native plant sale and the need to plant a native landscape. Why plant native flowers, shrubs and trees in your yard? It makes sense that native plants are already well adapted to Indiana soils and climate, requiring less maintenance and especially less fertilizer and fewer chemicals. But really, the whole ecosystem depends on native plants! Did you know that 96% of terrestrial birds use insects to feed their young? Caterpillars are the best form of protein available! And many insects are adapted only to native plants for their food. They have co-evolved with a narrow range of local plants they can survive on, and those are natives. Butterflies, too, and other wildlife we love depend on this chain of species. It’s becoming clear that what we do in our own outdoor spaces is critical to the balance in nature. We have lost a great deal of habitat to development. Our few public spaces and parks alone can’t make up for the losses, comprising only about 2% of our land in Indiana. But we can give back some of what is lost by creating habitat in our yards with native plants. So where do you find native plants? INPAWS, the Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society, is having their annual all Natives Plant Sale and Auction on Saturday May 10! There will be something there for every garden or project along with plant experts to help you choose or design. 

WHEN: Saturday, May 10 9:30 Pre-sale speaker, Sally Weeks, Purdue expert in native trees and shrubs 10:15 Sale begins 11:00 Auction of the larger and choicest plants 12:30 Sale ends

WHERE:  Park Tudor High School Gym | 7200 North College (use 71st Street entrance)

ADMISSION: FREE to attend the sale. $10 admission for presentation plus 15 min early entry into the sale to grab your favorites. ($10 ticket is to the 9:30 pre-sale speaker and includes 15 early admission to the sale and  a $10 coupon towards the auction portion of the sale ONLY.)  

VENDORS:  Breakfast goodies by Rene Bakery.  Freshly brewed coffee by Monon Coffee Co. 

$10 admission for presentation plus 15 min early entry into the sale to grab your favorites. The ticket price can go towards an auction purchase as well.

INTERESTED IN HELPING: We’d love to have you volunteer. Email to sign up. For more information or to join/support INPAWS see our Facebook page and website

We support local farmers and eat locally grown food. We support local businesses and buy locally made products. So why not also support our native wildlife and plants with the local ecosystem they need?

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