Virtual Great Indy Cleanup

Thursday, April 1: all Day

Let's kick off the spring cleaning season together!

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) invites everyone in Indy to spend a few minutes outside of your home, work, or wherever you are at 12:15 pm on Thursday, April 1 for a 15-minute Great Indy Cleanup together (but at a safe social distance).

Imagine if everyone in the city stepped outside at the same time, with a shared goal to take care of our shared streets and public spaces. We picture smiling faces, waves to neighbors across the street, and the sounds of laughter … community.

Buy your own #GreatIndyCleanup kit to join our this year's Virtual GIC!

Use the selfie card and share your cleanup success on social media!


Any time on Thursday, April 1, 2021. We hope you'll spend at least 15 minutes outside!


In front of your house, in a nearby alleyway, outside of your business … wherever you are!

How to participate

  1. Grab an old grocery bag to reuse (or another bag available to you).
  2. Put on your gloves or grab your litter grabber.
  3. Pick up whatever you see for 15 minutes.
  4. Get creative! Dance to your favorite song while you clean, wear a funny costume, something to make the world smile.
  5. Wave to your neighbors!
  6. Take pictures of your amazing work.
  7. Wash your hands!
  8. Share your impact by tagging @kibiorg and #GreatIndyCleanup online.


It feels good to do good, to take care of each other and our community. One of the many things we are known for in Indianapolis is doing things together. The coronavirus pandemic restricted Indy’s usual volunteer opportunities last year -- but not our volunteer spirit and desire to help others and the environment. Let's kick off spring cleanup season by making a difference across Indy.

Share YOur IMpact

  1. Post pictures online of how many bags you clean up and tag @kibiorg + #GreatIndyCleanup.
  2. Adopt-A-Block Captains: Share your impact and volunteer hours through the Adopt-A-Block Litter Report.



Organize a group of friends or neighbors for a Saturday morning cleanup! Request supplies like dumpsters, gloves, and trash bags here. Dumpsters are available this spring, summer, and fall through in partnership with the Department of Public Works.

Adopt your block and make cleanups a regular part of your week. Sign up here!