Tree Tenders

Remember Dr. Seuss's Lorax? The one who speaks for the trees?

Did you know we have a group of Loraxes (or is it Loraxi?) in Indianapolis? Our KIB Tree Tenders have the same amount of love for trees and passion for planting. In addition to putting in a good word for Indy's urban forest, Tree Tenders are out hauling trees around, swinging mattocks, wielding saws, and digging in the dirt.

KIB Tree Tenders serve as advocates for the urban forest and provide knowledgeable, committed volunteer support for the KIB Community Forestry team at planting projects, at workshops, on pruning days, and more.



Tree Tenders are committed to planting and caring for trees in our community. They help the KIB Community Forestry team with projects across the city in many ways, including leading small groups of volunteers. They are an extension of the KIB family, and their support is vital to the success of our plantings and our mission.


You'll learn a ton about arboriculture (growing, caring for, and studying trees) from our certified arborists.
You'll have a personal investment in KIB's efforts to plant 100,000 trees in Indianapolis!
Great perks await those who volunteer their service. More on that below!
All the like-minded people you could meet!

Right now we do not have any training events scheduled. There are, however, some non-tree related projects going on this fall! Check out our Projects Calendar to learn how you can stay engaged.

Keep an eye out for updates about trainings and how to become a Tree Tender early in 2021!

The more you tend, the more fun (and useful) perks we have for you:

  • 101 Trees of Indiana by Marion T. Jackson
  • KIB logo gear
  • Deluxe soil knife
  • Hand pruners
  • A surprise or two
  • A badge with your awesome volunteer title: KIB Tree Tender
  • Seasonal program social gatherings, such as pitch-ins, nature hikes, advanced training workshops, happy hours, and awards celebrations

Training is limited to late winter and early spring, before project season begins. To express interest in our 2019 classes, please complete the form below or e-mail Esmé Barniskis at for more information.