If you are passing by our headquarters near Fountain Square this week, you may notice some of our KIB staff removing some trees on our property. As much as we love trees, we also firmly believe in “right tree, right place.”

Happy New Year! My family likes to end each year by discussing what we are grateful for and by making resolutions for the year ahead. My mother likes to save these resolutions and read them back to us so we can hear how well we did (or didn’t do). As a child, my resolution usually was to try to be nicer to my little brother. It took many years (ok, a few decades), but now we’re terrific friends, which is something I’m eternally grateful for. 

The record-breaking heat this summer has produced higher air conditioning bills, greater energy usage, increased air pollution and more greenhouse gas emissions here in Indiana and across the country.

The rising heat, brought on by climate change, is also putting Hoosiers at greater risk of heat-related health complications. But not everyone has the same risk.

Not surprisingly, the very young and elderly are among the groups most vulnerable to extreme heat. However, income and race are also major contributors of one’s vulnerability to extreme heat. And people living in cities are also more vulnerable.

Chris Staab is an optimist. 

When other people in his Rivoli Park neighborhood saw an uptick in vandalism, and when a vacant lot slowly turned into a weed-filled swamp, he saw an opportunity for building community.