Looking for Helpers because #everylitterbit makes a difference Hey Indy, we've all been cooped up for days with our usual activities have been postponed or canceled. eLearning and Zoom meetings are the name of the game for most of us, for a while. We're worried about our families, neighbors,…

FedEx Cares Teams Up with KIB

PRESS RELEASE FedEx Cares and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Team Up in Community Habitat Restoration


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Great Indy Cleanup

LITTER IS EVERYONE'S PROBLEM KIB's Great Indy Cleanup (GIC) is an anti-litter, community empowering program in partnership with the City of Indianapolis. We provide resources to people who want to lead the charge against heavy litter, illegal dumping, and debris in the public spaces in their…

GreenSpace Application

  STEPS TO COMPLETING AN APPLICATION: Complete all pages of this application. Your application requires having a "steering committee"of at least 5 people who will be commit to being engaged for the duration of the GreenSpace process. Include at least 3 project site photographs. Include any…

GreenSpace Sustainability Program

KIB isn't a one-and-done kind of organization. The first year of our GreenSpace partnerships is spent working with neighbors to design, build, and plant their IPL Project GreenSpaces. What happens next? We are committed to long-term maintenance with our community partners. We care about you, the…