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Keep Indianapolis Beautiful is a nonprofit with a mission to engage diverse communities to create vibrant public places, helping people and nature thrive. Annually, we work with about 20,000 volunteers on nearly 900 community projects, such as tree plantings, litter cleanups, greenspace creation, mural painting, and habitat restoration.

Our staff is happy provide information and interviews about the work we do in our community. Please reach out to Jenny Jones, Director of Marketing, at jjones@kibi.org or 317.264.7555 x135.

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Thousands of new city trees to go where data shows they’re needed most

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, which plants 3,000 to 4,000 trees in the city each year, has been collecting and gathering data to help guide its planting plans for more than a dozen years. Now, it is digging even deeper into that data and working even more closely with city government to make sure those plans bene􀀁t all areas of the city in a more equitable way.

Shelton Heights neighbors turn a space once occupied by mobile home park into a community park

INDIANAPOLIS — What was once an eyesore in a community on Indy's west side that attracted crime and drugs, is now a community park.

WRTV has covered this story previously in the Shelton Heights neighborhood, near West Washington Street and Holt Road since 2016.

"Every morning when I get up to go to work, I come out here. It's still like a shock," Debbie Parish said.


Quick Hits

  • Masks are strongly encouraged during the project check-in and demonstrations
    • Masks are optional during the project itself.
  • If an event is indoors, non vaccinated volunteers are strongly recommended to wear a mask 
  • Bringing your own water to a project is recommended
    • KIB will provide water for volunteers as well
  • There are no group restrictions at this time for volunteers
  • Social distancing as much as is feasible (little longer than a shovel between people)
  • Stay home if sick or if contact was made with someone who is ill




SPONSOR: Councillors J. Evans, Osili and Jones

DIGEST: honors all those who contributed to the City of Indianapolis hosting a safe, successful NCAA men's basketball tournament

Statement on anti-racism regarding the Atlanta shooting

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful joins in the call around our nation for an end to the violence and racism directed at the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.  These senseless acts of hate that plague our country must stop. We stand in solidarity with our friends and neighbors in the AAPI community and everyone who has been affected by racial discrimination. As a community-focused environmental organization, we remain committed to bringing positive change and promoting greater equality and inclusiveness throughout all of our communities. Join us by visiting StopAAPIHate.org for more information and resources.

Entire NCAA Tournament to run on renewable energy

View Full Story Here

It is going to be a historic month for the Hoosier State.

For the first time, the entire NCAA Tournament and practices are taking place in Indiana.

This year’s Big Dance also will run entirely on renewable energy.

March Madness will be carbon neutral event

March Madness will be carbon neutral event
All operations emissions from venues of tournament will be offset by renewable energy credits and carbon offsets

Updated Safety Guidelines for Volunteering with KIB

Quick Hits

  • Masks required all the time
  • Gloves strongly recommended
    • Volunteers can bring their own from home
  • 25 volunteers per project leader
    • Separate meeting locations, tools, water, and hand sanitizer
  • Hand sanitizer everywhere
    • Sanitizing wipes available
  • Tools set out in kits before the project
  • Tools sprayed with sanitizer after each project
  • Encourage volunteering with a household member
    • Especially at Community Forestry projects!
  • Encourage check-ins on volunteers’ personal cell phones
  • Social distancing as much as is feasible (little longer than a shovel between people)
  • Stay home if sick or if contact was made with someone who is ill
    • No onsite health screening or temperature check due to unreliability

Tackling Indianapolis' Wastefulness

Indianapolis has been labeled as the most wasteful city in the United States, according to an article from RTV6. City environmental organizations, such as the Indiana Recycling Coalition and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, have established initiatives to offer ways for people to keep clean and live more sustainably.

Volunteers seek to clear White River banks in Hamilton County of invasive plants


A $25,000 grant from the Duke Energy Foundation is helping fund the effort, which is part of broader programs to reduce invasive species in Hamilton County and restore the White River so it can be used by residents. In place of the unwanted plants, the city will likely plant Sycamore trees and other native vegetation.

This scavenger hunt will lead you to stories you might not know about Indianapolis


Starting in 1950, a group of Black families built a neighborhood just off Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street. Veterans had returned to Indianapolis after the war, and a self-help housing program organized a way for families to afford dwellings that would build wealth in the Black community.

Civic leaders and board members spruce-up downtown Indianapolis

Indianapolis leaders were hard at work Friday for a downtown revitalization project. Participants included board members from groups like Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Indy Chamber and Visit Indy as well as companies like Cummins and Salesforce. They worked on cleaning, weeding, painting and landscaping projects.

KIB campaign installs more than 100 art installations in areas devoid of art


KIB is calling the campaign Art & Seek, which is a play off the popular children’s game hide-and-seek. It’s a COVID-friendly, self-guided tour through the new installations. You can find a map to the locations through a free phone app called Otocast. Within the app, you can get directions, and hear from the artists on what inspired them. It promotes people to seek the art, hence the name.

KIB President & CEO on "Indy's Trusted Servant"

In this episode of the Indy’s Trusted Servant Show, host Danny O’Malia speaks with Jeremy Kranowitz with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.

Volunteering with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful COVID-19 Health & Safety Procedures

Several new steps are being taken to ensure the safety of our volunteers and staff. Please read this article before coming to a KIB project.


KIB's statement regarding COVID-19.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful CEO learns about communities by living in different neighborhoods each week

FOX59 News interviews KIB's new President and CEO, Jeremy Kranowitz, about Operation My Indy, Kranowitz's strategy to learn about all parts of Indianapolis. Krantowitz came to Keep Indianapolis Beautiful from Connecticut. Rather than immediately find a home in the city, he stayed in a different neighborhood for 15 weeks to better know his new home.

Climate change a top concern in 2020 for Indianapolis City-County Councilors

Matt McKinney reports on the City-County Council's early focus on addressing climate change in 2020.

Op-ed: Improving White River's Water Quality Requires Everyone's Efforts

Clean water is critical for everything we grow, eat, cook, wash and manufacture—it really is our most valuable resource.

KIB and Indy Renew Partnership

Jill Sheridan reports on KIB's renewed partnership with the City of Indianapolis.

KIB Announces 2020 IPL Project GreenSpaces

IPL Project GreenSpace Projects Selected for Transformation in 2020 with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
Neighborhood diversity, building community, and addressing need underscore upcoming greenspace

The Importance of Urban Trees

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful's Director of Eduction, Heather Maurer, discusses the importance of urban forestry with other experts on WFYI's show "All In"

Lime Partners with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful to Support Revitalization and Community Engagement in Indianapolis

Lime users will be able to round up ride costs to support Keep Indianapolis Beautiful's work maintaining a vibrant and inviting city.


The Indiana Fever will team with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB), an environmental and community nonprofit, to plant 20 trees to help beautify Indianapolis and celebrate its contribution to the city through its first 20 seasons in the WNBA.