Volunteers step up to clean up waste on Earth Day

INDIANAPOLIS – Earth Day is a time for people across the globe to come together to show support for protecting our planet and the environment.

In Indiana, communities across the state participated in clean-up events as part of Earth Day celebrations. One of those events happened in a local neighborhood on the northwest side of Indianapolis.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, a local nonprofit, teamed up with the Eagledale Neighborhood Association for the Great Indy Cleanup at Bowman Park. This is an area that is known to have a lot of litter as well as a site for illegal dumping of construction material, furniture, and other household items.

“Neighbors have reached out to us and asked for assistance in cleaning up the area because they care about it and want to keep it clean,” Kristina Uland with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful said.

But this is not the only area in the city that is seeing a major pile-up of waste. According to Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, nearly 3.98 million pounds of litter was collected from Indianapolis streets over the past two years. 

That’s why organizers say events like this one are so important to help bring that number down and to keep our Indianapolis neighborhoods clean and beautiful.

“There is so much attention on Earth Day for folks really thinking about how they can make a difference for their environment,” Uland said. “A lot of times we will hear about overwhelming environmental concerns, and we don’t feel like we can do anything. But projects like this where you can come out and work with your neighbors and get involved are [great]. There are things we can do on an individual basis every day that are not that hard but can really help us with greater environmental benefits down the road.“

If you are interested in future clean-up events like this one, click here for more information.