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Perry Meridian High School Wins “It’s My City Litter PSA” Video Contest

MARION COUNTY (November 30, 2017) – To build awareness of littering, the “It’s My City Litter PSA Contest” encouraged all K–12 students in Marion County to create 30- or 60-second videos that explain why residents shouldn’t litter.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (KIB), Eli Lilly and Company, FOX59, and It’s My City sponsored the contest meant to help change the city’s attitude about littering and support civic engagement.

The top three winners were selected by public vote from ten entries:

First Place: “Littering is Bad” by the PHMS Environmental Club at Perry Meridian High School
Grand Prize: $1,000 for Perry Meridian High School, twenty (20) tickets to an Indiana Pacers game and twenty (20) tickets to a Colts game and PSA will be aired on FOX59 

Video Link:

Second Place: “Be the First to Stop” by Ms. Dorsel’s 5th grade class at Mary Castle Elementary School
Prizes: $1,000 from It’s My City for Mary Castle Elementary School

Video Link:

Third Place: “Together We Can Stop the Litter” by PHMS Environmental Club at Perry Meridian High School
Prizes: $1,000 from It’s My City for Perry Meridian High School

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The litter problem
Every year, KIB picks up approximately 2 million pounds of litter and debris during the Great Indy Cleanup, a community cleanup program that runs from April through October. Litter creates an impression that a place is neglected, disrespected and more vulnerable to criminal activity. The most common types of litter collected on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail include cigarette butts, cans and bottles, Styrofoam cups, plastic grocery bags and straws. In particular, cigarette butts, the most prevalent form of litter, are toxic waste that ends up in storm drains and eventually our waterways and drinking water.

“Litter is no small matter when it comes to valuing our neighborhoods and protecting our overall community health,” said Keep Indianapolis Beautiful president David Forsell. “We’re proud to lead the effort to raise awareness and educate young people about litter’s harmful impact.”

Littering is illegal in Marion County. Police can issue a warning or fine someone $45 to $500 for littering.

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