KIB and Indy Renew Partnership

KIB and indy renew partnership

By Jill Sheridan, WFYI

Indianapolis renews its partnership with non-profit Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, or KIB.  The organization has worked closely with the city on beautification and sustainability efforts for more than 40 years.

The new three-year, 4.7 million dollar contract starts January 1 and is funded through the Department of Public Works. The core of its work includes planting trees, cleaning and increasing green spaces.

President and CEO of KIB Jeremy Kranowitz says a new push will include a public awareness and education campaign.

"We are going to be working on efforts to help people change their behavior and really understand why it’s not ok to just throw your fast food wrappers out of your car as you’re driving down the highway," Kranowitz says. 

The group is directly aligned with the city’s sustainability plan through their work planting trees to reduce carbon dioxide.

"It’s good for greenhouse gas benefits, trees help filter the air so it’s good for air quality benefits, trees help filter and mitigate storm water runoff so it’s good for water benefits," Kranowitz says. 

KIB deploys about 15,000 volunteers every year. This year they cleaned 180 miles of city streets.


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