Interested in learning about the environment and how you can help in Indianapolis? Invite a Keep Indianapolis Beautiful staff member (virtually) into your school or organization to share the knowledge, skills, and resources available to take care of Indy's environment. 

Want to provide a fun and engaging opportunity for your group or employees? Participants will get an understanding of KIB’s work around Indianapolis, as well as how to contribute in their own neighborhoods to maintaining a healthy and thriving city.

Working remote? We're happy to work within whatever platform you use to gather your employees.

To get more details about how we plug in, email our VP of Stakeholder Engagement, Carly Weidman  at

Want to invite a KIB guest speaker into your virtual classroom to lead students in one of our activities? Email our VP of Stakeholder Engagement, Carly Weidman at  

Each lesson is hands-on and employs STEM disciplines.

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