Let's work together to keep Indianapolis litter free!


Litter prevention is one of the easiest things we can do to keep Indianapolis clean. But it takes all of us doing our part. Here are little things we can all do to keep Indianapolis beautiful! 


Did you know?

  • A recent Keep America Beautiful litter study estimates that there are nearly 50 billion pieces of litter along America’s roads and waterways. That’s 152 pieces of litter for every U.S. resident! 
  • In 2018, KIB picked up more than 1.2 million pounds of litter around Indianapolis - yet littering continues to be a challenge for our city. 
  • Litter from Indianapolis can end up in waterways, impacting not only our city but neighboring states, rivers and even our oceans. 


Little Steps. Big Impact.

Showing a little love can do a lot for our city. Every resident can be a part of ending litter. Here are 8 little things that can add up to big results. 

Bag all loose trash before putting it into your trash can for pickup. Avoid overstuffing your trash can so the lid can close tight. Wind will blow loose trash out of cans, causing litter to pile up in our neighborhoods. 

A hand holds up a trash bag encircled by the words A Little Love Stops Litter

On your next walk (or every walk!), pick up one piece of litter and dispose of it properly. If everyone did, litter would literally be gone. KIB can even provide supplies if you want more official clean up tools! Want to get your whole neighborhood involved? KIB can help you organize a neighborhood cleanup day.

A hand crushing a beverage can circled by the words A Little Love Stops Littering

Did you know the City of Indianapolis provides heavy trash disposal services at no additional cost? Heavy trash, like furniture, appliances, yard refuse, and more can be picked up by the city on heavy trash days each month. Find your heavy trash day!

A Mattress encircled in the words A Little Love Stops Litter

Did you know that 90% of cigarette butts become litter? They may be little, but they are toxic to plants and wildlife. The plastics in the filter can take up to 10 years to decompose. So keep your butts off the ground and use appropriate ash trays!

A hand puts a cigarette butt in a receptacle encircled by the words A Little Love Stops Litter

Hazardous chemicals from batteries, household products and electronics can get into our soil and waterways if they're put in the trash. The City of Indianapolis has for ToxDrop locations where you can drop off hazardous waste AND electronics for recycling at no charge! A full list of hazardous materials for disposal and locations can be found here. 

A paint can dropping into a specialized trash can encircled by the words A Little Love Stops Litter

Single-use plastics are the second most littered material and cause big issues for animals and marine life. Reusable items like shopping bags, water bottles and cups, food storage containers and utensils, and straws help reduce the number of plastics circulating out in the world. 

A hand holds up a reusable water bottled encircled with the words A Little Love Stops Litter

Prevent trash from falling out of your car or blowing out of your truck by keeping a small trash bag in your car to collect wrappers, cups, and other materials that can add up quickly when on-the-go.

A car seat with small attached trash can encircled by the words A Little Love Stops Litter

Have trash but don't see a trash can nearby? Carry it with you until you're able to find one for proper disposal. This little act can go a long way in keeping food wrappers, empty bottles, cigarette butts and other litter off our streets. 

A hand holding a disposable coffee cup above a trash can encircled in the the words A Little Love Stops Litter