Learn about Trees

Urban forests are vital to our health. They produce oxygen for us to breathe, reduce greenhouse gases, cool our city, prevent flooding of our sewers, provide food and shelter for wildlife and give us many social and mental benefits. Help us maintain and grow our city’s tree canopy!

Follow our Learn, Explore, Act Model to start making a difference!

How to plant a tree



How do Trees Capture Stormwater



Interview with an Arborist



  • See if you can find these Indiana Native trees in your neighborhood using our Native Giving Tree Guide.


  • Map out the plantable space in your neighborhood.









"PoeTREE" encourages students tap into their five senses and creativity to write a poem inspired by their natural surroundings. This activity teaches students about several forms of poetry and is a great way to mindfully immerse your students in nature. This lesson comes to us from Project Learning Tree.


Nature, something to write one, something to write with


  1. Go outside and get inspired (following safe social distancing practices)!
  2. Choose a form of poetry to practice
  3. Write your poem(s)! Try writing more than one to get extra practice.

This lesson touches on Indiana Academic Standards:

Science (Life Science), English/Language Arts (Reading: Foundations, Reading: Nonfiction, Writing, and Speaking & Listening).

  • Science: K.LS.2; 1.LS.3
  • English/Language Arts: 1-5.RF.5; 1-5.W.1; 1-5.W.2.1; 1-5.SL.2.1-5; 1-2.SL.4.1; 2-5.RN.1

This lesson utilizes the following STEM Skills:

Composing, Identifying Attributes and Components, Interpreting, Making Analogies and Metaphors, Observing