IPL Project Greenspace

Who's ever heard of wanting to take a break in the pounding sun, in the middle of paved parking lot, surrounded by asphalt streets?

Our IPL Project GreenSpace program was created to transform vacant lots and underused spaces into natural, beautiful, and functional pocket parks and greenspaces.

We work with neighborhood groups and organizations all over Marion County to add greenness that welcomes all to enjoy the beauty of native landscapes and strengthen community bonds and sense of identity. Community-created and maintained parks build connections for a healthy neighborhood and the native landscapes that benefit people and wildlife.


Applications for 2021 GreenSpaces are currently closed.

Thinking about applying in the future? View a copy of the application here.


Looking to add some native plants to your garden this fall? 

Purchase plants from our Native Plant Nursery while supplies last!



Applications for 2021 GreenSpaces close on May 31, 2020!

Watch our Digital Application Workshop! Director of Community Engagement, Roland Smith, and Vice President of Program Strategies, Joseph Jarzen, talk through the program, the process, and address so frequently asked questions. Reach out for more info!

Read below to learn more about what applying for IPL Project GreenSpace means for you, your community, and the earth! 

Are you committed to beautifying Indy? Here's what we look for in a partner:

  • Volunteers: At least half of the volunteers on any given project day must come from the neighborhood.
  • Partnership Development: You'll engage neighbors, businesses, churches, and community organizations who might provide additional project support.
  • Maintenance Commitment: Individuals on your team will take on specific maintenance roles and coordinate volunteers to weed, water, and care for the site.

To ensure project success and sustainability, KIB makes a multi-year commitment to its project partners.

  • Expertise, support, and guidance: KIB will provide support in community engagement, design, volunteer recruitment and coordination, project implementation, and maintenance.
  • Native plants and trees: KIB will purchase plants and trees. At the end of the project, partners will receive a care binder that will outline common weeds, care of the native plantings, and the importance of eliminating invasive species.
  • Paths, benches, shelters, and nature play equipment: Hardscape elements called for in the design will be secured by KIB to help complete the site.
  • Stewardship support: KIB will work with the project partner to identify specific maintenance needs such as watering and will schedule follow-up workdays, bringing the tool trailer and volunteers.

Less stress, better concentration, longer life spans, less crime, happier people. These are all researched-backed reasons why a little greenness goes a long way.

From tiny street corner parks to excavated parking lots, we specialize in taking a little bit of potential and turning it into a big, green impact. It's about more than good looks for us. Our Native Landscapes department improves the ecological and environmental conditions within Indianapolis by creating and restoring native habitat, connecting the community with our urban environment, and creating happy patches of nature through the city for people like you to spend time together.

What we plant matters. Just like your grocery shopping, think local when planting.

greenspace image


Native plants are the foundation of our ecosystem. Landscapes without plants native to Indiana will also be missing the native insects that support the rest of the ecosystem and provide services like pollination and pest control.

The places we work in matter. We work in neighborhoods. Across from people's homes. In spaces that will become a gathering space for all. The parks and greenspaces we create are unique and created with the community. We partner with Arts Council of Indianapolis and the Indiana Historical Society to commission art pieces or historic installations that reflect the community's vision and culture.

Read stories about the impact of our spaces.

Apply for a 2021 IPL Project GreenSpace in your neighborhood!

KIB creates three to five new community greenspaces each year by partnering with neighborhoods who have strong applications that are rooted in community collaboration, long-term maintenance plans, and a focus on turning their space into a community asset. Fill out an online application below or download a 2020 application.

Questions? Contact Ethan Olson at 317-264-7555 x104.

From building and planting at our current projects to weeding and maintenance at our finished spaces, we need a lot of help to turn community dreams into green realities. Head over to the project calendar to sign up!

Visit our new Sustainability Program page for more info!

We aren't a one-and-done kind of organization. After one year of working to design, build, and plant a space, KIB staff are committed to two years of maintenance with our community partners. Why? Because we care about the people and places we work with and want to see them survive and thrive.

GreenKeepers: Past project GreenSpace and GreenKids partners can join our GreenKeepers network to share resources, organize volunteer days, and stay in touch with KIB. Find more info on the GreenKeepers Facebook page.

Stewardship Assistance Program (SAP): Past project partners active in our GreenKeepers group are encouraged to apply for funding to help complete maintenance and other greenspace projects. Grants can be requested for up to $500. If you're awarded a grant, you can buy what you need and send us your receipts, and we'll reimburse your costs. (If you're unable to cover expenses upfront, please let us know.)

Have a question? Contact Kelly DeRolf at kderolf@kibi.org or 317-264-7555 x120.

Wondering if there's a KIB GreenSpace near you? Check out our map to find current and past projects. We hope to see you outside enjoying the space, taking care of a pocket park, or joining us on a volunteer day!