Indy Leaders in Sustainability

Indy Leaders in Sustainability


Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB), in partnership with Indy Chamber and the Indianapolis Office of Sustainability, is leading a 2021 initiative to engage Indianapolis businesses in sustainability efforts. 

Through this 10-month program we will host a series of sessions, each focused on a different topic through the lens of environmental equity, with the aim of developing sustainability work plans for 12 Indianapolis businesses. We invite you to participate by selecting one representative to participate in this leadership program.  


KIB is seeking emerging leaders interested in a unique and forward-thinking professional development opportunity.   This program invites individuals who have an interest in advancing sustainability efforts in your company.


  • Develop thoughtful and actionable plan to meet corporate sustainability goals.
  • Identify and grow emerging corporate leaders.
  • Strengthen employee experience with the company through tangible experiences with corporate, non-profit, and government sectors.


  • Opportunity to be thought leaders in their companies and in the community.
  • Exposure to different corporate, non-profit, and government leaders.
  • Collaborative network across industries to develop actionable sustainability goals.
  • Opportunities to give their time, talent, and treasure toward a meaningful goal.


  • Monthly meetings will be scheduled (virtual/in-person hybrid) on Wednesdays at X time.
  • Eight meetings will be structured as working meetings for participants to develop resource guides around chosen environmental themes.
  • Two meetings will be networking/comradery experiences for participants.
  • 80% overall attendance required.
  • Pre and post session worksheets to be completed and submitted monthly with the goal of developing comprehensive action plan.
  • There is no financial commitment to participate in this program.


  • April X  2021
  • May  X  2021
  • June  X  2021
  • July   X  2021
  • August X 2021
  • September X 2021
  • October X 2021
  • November X 2021
  • December X 2021
  • January      X 2022

Are you or someone in your company interested in learning more? Learn how you can get involved by getting in touch with Jeremy Kranowitz, our President & CEO, or Kristina Uland, our Senior VP of Development & External Affairs.