Indy Art & Seek


Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (KIB) has received a grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc. to partner with the Arts Council of Indianapolis (ACI) and create public art experiences for both residents and visitors.

The project, called Indy Art & Seek, will feature more than 100 new “art interventions” of engaging and accessible public art in all media along urban streets, as well as 6 new, large-scale long-term installations in several of KIB’s new or legacy GreenSpaces.

The artists for the large-scale installations will be solicited separately from this current call. An interactive map and mobile app will guide participants through the experience, revealing locations and spaces that prior to the project may have little or no public art.

It is hoped that Indy Art & Seek will encourage neighborhood residents to see their surroundings in new ways, and will motivate local and community-based artists to use existing conditions as inspiration to create something fun, thoughtful, whimsical, or beautiful for people to find.

Because the art interventions are place-based and should be consistent with the features and character of each place, ACI will focus on matching artists living or working local to the neighborhoods with opportunities to create installations for the project.

This program will be focused within the area outlined on this map. If your community is within area, please submit your information to this form and we'll be in touch! Click on the map below to explore the boundary in more detail.

Want to learn more about an Indy Art & Seek artistic intervention in your community? View our virtual informational workshops! Click here to watch a recording of our e-workshop.







An art intervention is a temporary, usually small-scale, artistic installation or action that changes the perception of a place. For Indy Art & Seek, we are also referring to them as “moments of delight.”

They typically provide a fun visual or audio interlude, draw attention to overlooked physical features, spark conversations about topics an artist or community is interested in thinking or talking more about, or highlight positive changes that may be needed or are already taking place.

Art interventions are often presented as unsanctioned “street art,” but will be commissioned and installed with permission for this project. Artistic interventions are often used to make places more dynamic, more inclusive, more appreciated, more fun, or more equitable. They call attention to how the arts can be an important part of everyday life.

Indy Art & Seek will have art interventions in many different media: visual, theatrical, musical, dance, literary, street art, etc. They can be physical installations, live performances, or recordings/broadcasts. They can be discussions, meals, videos, signage, augmented reality apps, audio, etc.

Check back soon to learn more about how to find and engage with these interventions in Indy in the coming months.

Want some examples? Check out the sample interventions below. For more information about the artists or interventions, simply click on the image!