Indianapolis is in critical need of 5,000 trees

Our community continues to face challenges with safety, affordability, and cleanliness. Research has proven time and again that trees reduce crime, traffic accidents, and energy costs while increasing pride and happiness in people and improving the heath of native ecosystems. 

A tree planted today is a gift to the many generations that will come after us. It's saying we have hope for a cleaner, greener, safer, and more beautiful tomorrow. It's telling our children and grandchildren that we believe tomorrow will be better, brighter, and more beautiful. 

Are you ready to help support a beautiful future?


Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (a 501 c3 nonprofit) staff and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure the thousands of trees we plant each year will survive and thrive. 

It starts with their Community Engagement team finding the neighborhoods that want and need trees the most. (Want trees in your neighborhood? Fill out our tree application!)

Then a team of Certified Arborists evaluates the site to determine the species best suited before hand-picking the 5-6' saplings that will be planted. 

KIB relies on thousands of neighbors like you to volunteer each year to help plant the trees. Volunteers like the KIB Tree Tenders, who are known as the Loraxes of Indianapolis. They dig, plant, prune, protect, and care for the thousands of trees we plant, ensuring their long-term survival. (If you are also a Lorax, learn how you can become a KIB Tree Tender, too!)

Finally, The KIB Youth Tree Team waters and mulches the trees through the summer, ensuring their long-term survival. 

You can help the people and nature of Indy thrive! Every dollar brings us closer to ensuring all our neighbors have access to the benefits of a greener city. 


You could TRIPLE your impact!

Thanks to a generous pledge from our supporters at the Efroymson Family Fund, the first $50,000 in donations will be matched 100%!

Did you know some employers match employee donations to nonprofits? Ask your company's HR specialist if your donation qualifies!


Interested in the types of trees KIB plants? 

Check out our Giving Trees Guide.