"Youth Tree Team was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”


My interview with Any'e Carson. This past weekend I was lucky enough to sit down and talk with a past Youth Tree Team member. Any’e is a junior at the University of Indianapolis, majoring in community health education. She graduated from Tech High School in 2012. Any’e is truly one of the many successful young adults that has had the opportunity of working with the Youth Tree Team over the years.

Position/Organization? Pruning Coordinator at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful; Youth Tree Team Leader

When did you start with the YTT? June 2009

What has impacted you the most during your work with KIB? As a youth? My co-workers. I wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for them. I also had a lot of great leaders over the years, and my relationship with Molly, my boss, has really impacted my life.

As a leader? The youth have impacted me the most. A lot of them come from rough backgrounds. Their life stories are always really inspiring, and I feel like I am making a difference in their lives. Not to mention, they are all awesome!

Where do you think you would be without YTT? Honestly, I don’t know, maybe working in some retail store. My life would be very different.

What do you think the most important aspect about YTT is? Obviously the environment, and making an impact on these kids while keeping them out of trouble.

What are some values you have learned through YTT? Leadership, respect, and hard work.

Any plans after KIB? As far as my new position as the Pruning Coordinator, I plan on expanding my pruning projects. We are also going to have a new YTT crew in the summer that specifically focuses on the pruning of all of our trees in the city. They are getting older now, so it’s important that we do this to guarantee the life of them!