Trees: Your Friends with Benefits


Holy cats, trees do so much! Not only to they make our city more beautiful and an all around better place to live, work and play; but they clean our air, water. We've complied our top 10 list of benefits our leafy companions provide—so prepared to be truly impressed. With out further ado, trees provide benefits like... 

  1. Tempered Climate: Trees can cool the city by up to 10° by shading homes and streets and breaking up urban heat islands. Just three strategically placed trees can decrease utility bills by nearly 50%.
  2. A More Connected City: Trees enhance a community’s sense of pride, and ownership. Involvement in tree planting programs leads to a stronger sense of community and promotes environmental responsibility—so volunteer with us today!
  3. Better Water Quality: In a trees lifetime it can intercept more than 350,000 gallons of storm water—what do you say to that Andrew Luck? Trees lessen the force of storms and reduce the amount of runoff into sewers, streams and rivers.
  4. Wildlife Habitat: Oaks are host to 532 different kinds of butterflies and moths. Native trees provide nesting sites for birds, egg-laying sites for insects, shelter from predators, and a food source—not too shabby, huh?!
  5. Oxygen Production: Leafy foliage absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen. Take a deep breath and say thanks—you’re welcome. Urban Forests produce 67 million tons of Oxygen per year.
  6. UV radiation reduction: My leaves absorb 95% of UV radiation—you can call that, sungreen. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, so I guess you could say protection from trees is a pretty big peel (get it?).
  7. Improved Air Quality: Trees clean the air by filtering particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark. Filtering these pollutants reduce conditions that cause asthma—relax, you can breathe easier now.
  8. Better Quality of Life: One study shows residents in areas with high levels of greenery were three times as likely to be physically active and 40% less likely to be overweight or obese—now that’s a diet I can get behind.
  9. Improved Economy: Research shows that shoppers linger longer along a shaded avenue than one barren of trees and are even willing to pay more for goods and services—Cha-ching! Trees can increase property values by up to 15%
  10. Safer Indianapolis: Studies show, buildings with high levels of greenery have 48% fewer property crimes and 56% fewer violent crimes. Large trees reduce crime by signaling to potential criminals that a neighborhood is cared for and engaged.

Pretty impressive, right?! Show your love for these true friends with benefits and donate today!