Tree Work at KIB HQ

If you are passing by our headquarters near Fountain Square this week, you may notice some of our KIB staff removing some trees on our property. As much as we love trees, we also firmly believe in “right tree, right place” and these trees we are removing are Siberian Elm (Ulmus pumilla) and they are on Indiana’s Invasive Species List.

You may then ask “Why would KIB allow invasive trees to exist on their property in the first place?”. Well, these trees existed on site when KIB moved into the property in 2008. We knew we would eventually remove the Siberian Elm, but to minimize canopy loss we planted replacement trees in the understory that would eventually grow up to fill in the canopy. These trees have now grown to the point where they are bumping into the Siberian Elms, so it is time for the Siberian Elms to go!

The replacement trees are American Elm, Ohio Buckeye, Paw Paw, and Persimmon. All native to Indiana! Maintaining canopy coverage is important in combating urban heat island effect and in capturing stormwater. Learn more about KIB’s Community Forestry program here: