Tree Dedication

house%20and%20trees.jpgWhat are you willing to do for your trees? My neighbor recently listed her house for what I believed to be a fairly low sum. She indicated one of the reasons it was lower than I might expect is because her house is on a septic system, not connected to the city sewer system.  Unlike the city sewer system, maintenance of the septic system is the responsibility of the homeowner.  The system must be pumped and maintained at regular intervals.  My neighbor also indicated you need to pay extra attention to what goes down the drain. Ick! 

Why hasn't she connected to the city sewer system?  Because of the trees in her yard!  She was afraid the beautiful old trees might be damaged when installing the pipes to connect the house to the city lines.  That is tree dedication! Did you know that a $100 donation to Keep Indianapolis Beautiful is enough to plant a tree? Check out more information about our Legacy Tree program (real dedication) or donate now to support KIB's mission.