Speedway Trailhead Park

4904 W. 16th St; 46224

Drawing on the international ties that makes the Town of Speedway a distinctive place within Marion County, the community is highlighting their ties to other racing communities and Sister Cities Motegi, Japan and Varano de’ Melegari, Italy through this Main Street Trailhead.


the Speedway Trailhead committee envisioned a vibrant unique meeting space for bicycle and pedestrian trail users. The space will is a mix of native plants, shaded meeting area, and unique artwork that plays into the cross cultural connections that make Speedway such a unique place to live and work.


This project will work to accomplish many things:

  • Sustainability through preserving the natural landscape and engaging the surrounding community
  • Quality of Life by providing a unique meeting space for Town of Speedway trail users combined with access to nature and art for all
  • Accessibility by designing as park with the best interest of all community members and all levels of trail users in mind


Through the design and engagement process, KIB and designer Landstory worked with the Speedway Trailhead committee and the Speedway community to explore different options for the design of this exciting trailhead.

Through a joint investment from KIB and the Arts Council of Indianapolis, artist Arlon Bayliss worked alongside community members to design and create a signature art piece.

design process


The project was completed in October 2016, please stop by and see the outstanding park and art piece, night or day!


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work status


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