School’s Out for Summer!

kids1.jpgBeing hired in April as the new Keep Indianapolis Beautiful KIB Clubs Coordinator, I was eager to start working with our five partner schools before the students left for summer vacation.  After some standard onboarding (administrative forms, a welcome lunch, facility tours, etc) and some not-so-standard procedures (fleet training aka driving a F-350 dump truck!!), I was ready to spend my afternoons working with the energetic elementary school students and the dedicated teachers, administrators and parents who make up the KIB Clubs. 

Depending on the school, KIB Club activities varied. At CFI #2, we weeded their community vegetable garden beds and sampled a delicious, freshly harvested salad with a homemade vinaigrette. At Eleanor Skillen IPS #34, we planted two apple trees in their outdoor classroom. kids2.jpg

At Rousseau McClellan IPS #91, we laid newspaper and mulched their courtyard in preparation for installing their reclaimed, local wood tables and benches.

At Spring Mill Elementary School, we took a field trip to White Pines Wilderness Academy to explore along the White River. At Skiles Test Elementary School, we planted some of the beds in the Teaching Garden and made s’mores.

As the temperature increased and the students’ attention spans dwindled, it was obvious that everybody was excited for summer vacation!  As a school year wrap-up, KIB Clubs teamed up with our KIB Community Engagement staff to plan Picnic with the Parents. kids3.jpgDuring these annual finales, KIB Club students mingle with their parents while snacking on bagels, fruit and juice and discuss the year’s highlights: “Wearing a beekeeper outfit and learning why we need to save the bees,” “Climbing in the big KIB truck,” “Mulching the courtyard and using the wheelbarrow,” “Doing yoga outside,” “Using a drill to practice carpentry skills,” “EVERYTHING!!” 

To all the students, teachers and parents—congratulations on finishing another school year! It’s been a pleasure working with everyone and watching the students and outdoor classrooms grow. Enjoy your summer vacation and we’re excited to start working with you again in the fall!