People start pollution. People can stop.

2-kids-dump-trash.jpgDid you know that Keep Indianapolis Beautiful operates as an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful (KAB)? There are many organizations like us across the country, working to build and sustain vibrant communities, and together our history is rich. Take, for example, this campaign in the ‘70s by KAB focusing on one simple idea.   Keep America Beautiful commercial: This ad became so well known that its impact remains today. For thirty years KIB has worked in the area of litter prevention. The desire for community cleanups in Indy has grown so much that KIB now coordinates a concentrated, city-wide effort to clean up our neighborhoods during the months of April and October called the Great Indy Cleanup. The transformation is instant and the collective impact is significant. Unfortunately the litter will eventually return and the battle to keep our streets clean is ongoing unless minds are changed. Who are we? The potential to be a majestic, peaceful people is within us. The earth is home to all of us. People start pollution. People can stop. Please consider joining us in October for a community Great Indy Cleanup volunteer opportunity! Until then, coordinating a community cleanup any weekend from May through October is a great way to make a difference!