Merrill Street Townhomes Pocket Park

Southwest corner of Virginia Ave and Merrill St

Merrill Street Townhomes Pocket Park


This project will help accomplish:

  • Provide a green backdrop for the Cultural Trail with trees for shade, sound insulation and seasonal interest.
  • Enhancing the Virginia streetscape for visitors, merchants and residents.
  • The Platform will serve as a viewing space for the park, as well as a piece of unique art. 


The planting of this amazing greenspace along the Cultural Trail in the Fletcher Place neighborhood was completed on November 16th 2013, with a spring bulb planting and putting the planted landscape to bed for winter. Two swamp white oaks were planted in this space in the spring, along with 23 other native shrubs including serviceberry, witchhazel and dogwoods and dozens of perennials. Thanks to the residents of the Merrill Street Condominiums for sharing this space with the community. Feel free to assist them with maintaining this space when you visit, like picking up any litter you may see or pulling a dandelion next spring!

before and after cultural trail in fletcher place


The Merrill Street Greenspace art piece has now been completed! Stop by when you’re on the Cultural Trail and have a seat on the functional art.


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