McCord Park

36th & Watson Rd

This project revitalized a neglected pocket park in the heart of a neighborhood undergoing renovation. New, young, energetic residents teamed with long-term, mostly elderly residents to make this park a focal point for neighborhood activities.

McCord Park


This project will accomplish:

  • Creating a new beautiful pocket park out of one that was once neglected 
  • A new space for the community to sit and enjoy
  • Enhancing the environment by adding invasive species and plants


A landscape architect and friend of the neighborhood, Ron Tisdale, donated his time for the design, and the neighborhood association raised money for desired items not covered in the KIB project. Concrete planters and benches from the 1970’s were removed, and new hardscape items and plantings will return the park to its original 1920’s feel. The neighborhood also raised a large amount of money to install a sun dial dedicated to a local police officer who was the first African American police officer killed in the line of duty in Indianapolis.


This work is complete. Come stop by and checkout the new beautiful greenspace!


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