Loosen Up (Your Soil)

Help Those Plants Thrive And Loosen Up (Your Soil)!

In order to grow and thrive, tree roots need water and oxygen. In soil that has been highly compacted, very little water and oxygen can penetrate down into the ground.  As a result, root growth is hampered and tree health suffers. At certain planting sites with highly compacted soils, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful hires a contractor to fracture the soil using a chisel plow attached to a tractor. Watch the video below and learn how and why a broadfork is used to loosen up the soil. (Valley Oak Tool Co. Wheel Hoe & Broadfork

For smaller planting sites, such as a residential yard, soil fracturing can be accomplished using a broadfork, shown above. So next time, before you plant your tree, take a little time to loosen up (your soil)!