Little Fletcher Place Addition is a BIG Improvement

fixing%20sidewalk.jpgGlenn Blackwood is an Adopt-A-Block Captain for the Fletcher Place neighborhood. He is a true community advocate as he is the President for the neighborhood association, and has been greatly involved with the development of the Fletcher Place Gateway GreenSpace at the intersection of Pine and Fletcher at the I-65/70 off-ramp. The city benefits greatly from Glenn’s commitment and leadership.

When Fletcher Place neighbors heard about the new Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Little BIG Grant, we wasted no time in throwing ourselves in for an award. Three or more Adopt-A-Block Captains can apply for the chance to make a BIG (Block Improvement Grant) impact on a community. How could we refuse? With all the developments on Virginia Avenue, it seemed as though a cheese factory had exploded, with de-brie flying everywhere. Dog walkers with litters of pups, families with scrappy kids, collectors rummaging for yard sales, and joggers had our existing garbage barrels running over. Posing%20with%20paper.jpg

We ordered a trash barrel, matching those along East Street in the Bates-Hendricks neighborhood, and a pedestal mount to lift it off the ground -- to facilitate lawn maintenance and drainage. After calling Indiana811 to ensure there were no buried utility lines nearby, we located the ideal spot on the northeast side of Virginia Avenue in front of Milktooth, in the city right-of-way between the curbline and sidewalk. We dug a hole three feet deep, filled it with Quikrete, and centered the pedestal. After allowing the concrete to set for three days, we attached the barrel to the bracket. It was immediately put to good use! The Department of Public Works empties the barrel daily.

Little BIG Grant has helped us clean up Virginia Avenue, and that's not just trash talk! ---- Are you interested in empowering your neighbors to bring beautification and neighborhood revitalization down to the smallest unit, the block? Join KIB's Adopt-A-Block program today.