The Litter of Highland Park

Dan Remington, is a KIB Adopt-A-Block Captain and the brains behind the @LitterOfHighlandPark Instagram feed. He shares his insights into why he chose to adopt his block and why you should too—not to mention he's got this great Instgram account...

Last year I joined the Adopt-A-Block program with KIB and became the Block Captain for my street. Litter always bothered me and living across from a park, I was tired of looking at it! When I found out I could get litter-pickup materials for free from KIB I quickly signed up, got my tools, and set out to change the world! (or a small slice of it). 


Between my job and school I stay pretty busy. I was managing to get out and pick up litter twice per month. But I noticed two things: 
1. The longer I went between cleanings, the faster litter would build up. It was exponential! Apparently people like throwing trash on top of other trash.
2. I was starting to really enjoy myself and with each cleaning I would find myself wandering further from my assigned area.

My litter pickups increased in frequency and quickly became about much more. Yes, it’s still mainly about the litter but while I’m out I meet people. I pet their dogs. I talk to old neighbors that have lived in the neighborhood since 1930. And I always return home feeling good about what I’m doing for my neighborhood. But back to the litter: did I mention I find crazy stuff? Shoes, headless dolls, fake roses, the list goes on and on. Each cleaning is a little adventure. And that’s why I decided to start the Instagram account: @LitterofHighlandPark 

First day of spring! Time to clean up the ol' neighborhood. What's that you say? You don't have any cleanup materials? Well Indy residents that's a poor excuse. @kibiorg will give you tools to clean up your neighborhood for free! *this is not a paid advertisement. I just think it's great. And I don't have nearly enough followers for a paid advertisement.* #indy #igersindy #highlandpark #keepindyindie
A photo posted by Litter of Highland Park (@litterofhighlandpark) on Mar 20, 2016 at 11:40am PDT

I thought people may enjoy seeing the strange objects individuals decide to part with while visiting my neighborhood. I thought it would be nice to show the fun side of an activity normally relegated to prison workers.  And most of all I would love if this sparked people's’ interest in cleaning up their own neighborhoods. So follow along! And I’ll try to keep it entertaining.