Let's See How Dirty You Can Get, Indy!

As we celebrate 40 years of keeping Indy beautiful, we know you have been by our sides the entire time—we couldn't do it without you! We also know you love a free t-shirt (who wouldn't) and we know we've handed out thousands of them; some super colorful and some sparkling white. 


The time has come to bring out those new (congrats on signing up for your first cleanup, or block adoption) and well worn (high five to the OGs out there—Original Greenies) KIB t-shirts, and see how dirty we can get them—by keeping the city so clean. When you are out keeping Indy beautiful, through community cleanups and Adopt-A-Block activities, be sure to Tweet us, Tag us in a Facebook or Instagram post with the hashtag #KIBTurns40 and #GreatIndyCleanup. We’ll award the dirtiest KIB t-shirt with special prize drawings all throughout project season!