Invasive Species? There's an App for That

Did you know there's a social network for detecting and reporting invasive species?  


I had the good fortune to attend the Midwest Great Lakes Society for Ecological Restoration (MGLSER, catchy…no?) conference in Bloomington last month with a few of my colleagues.  We were able to hear fascinating presentations from land managers, conservation groups and researchers from all over the Midwest about their facts, figures and findings in ecological restoration efforts.   For those of you that regularly work or play outside, and share a great concern for invasive species you might find an app from the  Great Lakes Early Detection Network  (GLEDN) fascinating!  If you witness an invasive species (everything from moths to weeds and trees), you can report it through this app portal. All submissions are verified by a biologist so if you are not certain you have properly identified an invasive, you’ve got backup.  This app helps land managers, government agencies and conservation groups keep an eye on the greatest threats in an area as well as prevent the spread of an invasive after it has newly emerged in an area.  You can also sign up for alerts to receive notifications when new invasives have reached your county! Search for GLEDN in the app store to get your smartphone or tablet connected to preventing the spread of nasty invasives into our ecosystems.