Got Leaves? You Rake It. The City Will Take It


Thanks to our friends at the Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) for their awesome guest post--be sure to check out them out on Twitter via @IndyPIO/Indy DPW Services for update-to-date info (love those tweets from Lesley Gordon!) To ensure a successful collection effort, Indianapolis residents are asked to follow these simple guidelines: 

  • Place leaves in plastic bags. 
  • Place leaf bags outside by 7 a.m. on your regular trash day.
  • Clearly identify and separate bags of leaves from regular trash. Place them on the opposite sides of the driveway, in different colored bags or use different color tie wraps.

In 96-gallon cart collection areas, all leaves must be bagged and placed at least three feet away from the cart to allow DPW trucks to service the cart. Additionally, all trash must fit inside the cart. Trash outside the cart will not be taken during leaf collection season. Residents also should clear leaves and debris from sewer inlets and drainage to avoid drainage and flooding problems. DPW uses collected leaves as compost and makes it available to Marion County residents year round at no cost. Compost can be used as a soil conditioner, potting soil or mulch. Compost improves soil aeration, drainage and nutrient exchange, all factors that boost lawn health and garden growth. Compost can be picked up at the Southside Landfill during normal business hours. Want to compost your leaves yourself? Check out our public service announcement that shows residents some of the various ways you can compost and dispose of leaves. As a reminder it is illegal to burn leaves in Marion County. Smoke from burning leaves pollutes the air with harmful particles and is hazardous to young children and people with heart and lung disease. For more information please contact the Mayor's Action Center at 317¬-327¬-4622, visit or use the RequestIndy application on your smartphone.