Fletcher Place Gateway

Before and After photo

KIB will work alongside Fletcher Place Neighborhood Association to create a vibrant gateway to the community utilizing native plants and public art. Additionally, this project will assist the community in development of a defined neighborhood identity and build upon the community engagement initiatives currently taking place in this neighborhood.

KIB and the Fletcher Place Gateway Advisory Committee envision a more beautiful and welcoming entrance for community members and visitors to their neighborhood and surrounding attractions. By improving the often overlooked “entrance” to their community, the committee hopes to restore the natural beauty and provide a unique visual identity for the Fletcher Place neighborhood. This project would utilize native grasses and tress along with a locally sourced art installation to capture the culture of the neighborhood.

With the neighborhood, KIB is partnering with the Arts Council of Indianapolis to hire local artist, Barbara Zech, to install.

vision for the Space
Completed Gateway


This project will work to accomplish many things:

  • Accessibility by creating an inviting and natural gateway into the community to improve way-finding to the community and surrounding attractions
  • Neighborhood Pride through preserving the identity of this unique neighborhood and reshaping unused spaces within the community.
  • Sustainability will be achieved through a design that incorporates native trees and wildlife to preserve the natural landscape of the neighborhood
  • Sociability by incorporating community art and a more enjoyable waiting experience for IndyGo riders utilizing the nearby bus line.

Through the design and engagement process, KIB worked with the Fletcher Place Gateway Advisory Committee to explore different options for the design of this neighborhood gateway. Below is teh design that was selected by the neighborhood as the long-term vision for this park. Working from this scheme KIB and community partners will construct the elements in this design to create a gateway to the community that was envisioned by the Fletcher Place neighborhood.

the design process
Selected Design


This project is now completed and is ready for showcase the wonderful efforts of the Fletcher Place neighborhood and the work of KIB volunteers!

If you wish to learn more about this special gateway into the heart of Fletcher Place neighborhood and downtown Indianapolis, visit the Fletcher Place Neighborhood Association  webpage.

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KIB has partnered with the Arts Council of Indianapolis to include and art sculpture in this community park. KIB is also working with the Indiana Department of Transportation and the City of Indianapolis for use of their land in this project. Current designs for this plan will also utilize seating designed by People of Urban Progress.

work status

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