Fletcher Park

Brookside Ave, E. 12th St and Arsenal Ave.

KIB is working with the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association (WPNA) to restore this pocket park to the former beauty and amenities that the park once had 100 years ago after George Kessler designed the space as part of the Brookside Parkway. The triangle park will add to the experience of the parkway and serve as a gateway into Windsor Park.

Fletcher Park


This project will accomplish: 

  • Restoring the natural beauty that the space once had
  • Adding to the experience of the parkway
  • Creating a beautiful gateway into Windsor Park


Together with KIB project staff, the neighborhood has completed a number of work days in the spring of 2013. The first work day entailed painting the steel fence posts at the KIB warehouse. The following month included weeding the cracks in the sidewalk, and filling the cracks with sand. The planting beds at the center of the park were enlarged and native plants were added. Another work day was added in June with the help of Keystone Construction and Metro High School. Post holes were dug and concrete was poured in order to set the 62 fence posts. In the fall of 2013 as a part of the Lilly Day of Service, over 2,500 native prairie plants and spring flowering bulbs were installed at the park’s west end.


This work is complete. Come stop by and check out the greenspace!


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