Englewood Pocket Park

14 N. Oxford Street (behind 23 N. Rural St, the Commonwealth

There is a well-established community garden behind the newly restored Former IPS School 3 Building, now called The Commonwealth. This building will house 32 mixed-income apartments. Both the garden and the apartments were developed by Englewood Christian Church. This pocket park project is the addition of a second lot immediately south of the garden and will include adding native shrubs, grasses and flowers as well as other park amenities, essentially adding a public park next to the community garden.

Englewood before and after


This project will accomplish:

  • Englewood to better maintain flowers and garden beds
  • Providing a better playspace for children
  • Creating a public park next to the community gardens


Over 300 yards of soil has been moved!  We have shaped the soil into two hills and planted 2,500 perennials with the help of about 50 volunteers. We also moved 10 tons of gravel to help shape the pathway and patio foundations. Irrigation was installed year, enabling Englewood to better maintain the flowers and garden beds. There is a winding cement pathway through the space, and a large sandbox. KIB has added sod, to provide better playspace for the children. A new tool shed has been purchased and installed. Boulders are at the site, ready to be part of a water feature on the east end of the larger hill.


This work is complete. Come check out the greenspace!


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