Don't Get Stranded on "Heat Island"

Q: If you were stranded on "heat island" what is one thing you would bring with you? A: A tree! 


Yay! It’s almost summertime in the city! It’s hard not to enjoy Indy’s summer weather, especially when we have to deal with cold yucky weather all winter long. Along with the hot weather, Indian’s games, and the farmer’s market, there’s this phenomenon known as “heat island,” which comes too. “Heat islands” are caused by a lack of vegetation and a surplus of pavement and development in rural areas. A lack of trees and plants in Indy isn’t only displeasing aesthetically, but it leads to hotter temperatures, higher energy costs, and even air pollution; all are a result of the “heat island” phenomenon. . Trees can help to fight against the "heat island" phenomenon! You see, trees do this awesome little thing called, “create shade.” Along with creating shade, trees pull heat from the air and cool down the area. KIB is dedicated to providing Indianapolis with enough trees and vegetation in order to stop this “heat island” phenomenon. You see, trees are much more useful than you might believe. Planting a tree near your home can lower energy costs by creating shade, and even raise the value of your home because it is more aesthetically pleasing than an empty lot. Help KIB keep up with our trees this summer by reporting any young trees you see that might need water or some TLC! We need your help to keep Indianapolis beautiful, and stop this “heat island” phenomenon.