The Connect10n Gateway

E. 10th St., between Massachusetts Ave. and the Monon Trail

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful worked with the East 10th Street Civic Association to transform the area at the intersection of East 10th Street and the Monon Trail.

The Connect10n Gateway


This project will accomplish:

  • Beautifying the median with trees and grass
  • Transforming bridges and empty walls into murals and pieces of art
  • Safer roads by re-surfacing them


We worked with our project committee and local stakeholders to expand the vision of this project from a small median planting to one that included several murals, road re-surfacing, bridge painting and public art. We helped accomplish this task by working with great partners in the East 10th Street Civic Association, and Storrow Kinsella. These partners helped us to think big, secure funds from CICF, commitments from Lilly Day of Service, the Recycling Coalition and INDOT.

We planted nearly 50 trees, over 7,000 plugs of grass and painted 5 paint-by-number murals during the Lilly Day of Service. Through IPL Project Greenspace funds, we planted 13 serviceberry trees on the median in 2011 and will complete the project by planting hundreds of grasses in the spring of 2012.


This work is complete. Check out the new greenspace and the beautiful murals around the area!


Continued success of projects like this depends on our sponsors and individuals like you. Consider donating to Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.