Back-to-School: Learning + Greening + KIBing + Internship-ing

alice%20in%20wonderland.jpgStudents of all ages are making their way back to school, which means one thing at KIB: The fall planting season is nearly here! 

But seriously, summer is really great. We get to do plenty of wonderful things like count the pollinators all over our favorite native blooms, paint structures in community greenspaces straight out of Alice in Wonderland, structurally prune and water young trees for long-term success, build inspiring outdoor classrooms for elementary school kids, tell local litterbugs who’s boss, and then some. And technically there are still a number of weeks before the weather actually matches our academic calendars, so we’ll continue these mid-year activities for a little bit longer.

That’s where you come in. As KIB starts to shift gears toward one of our busiest seasons, momentum is building and there is a lot of work to do to keep projects moving toward implementation and planting days. (I’ll just add that this work is a whole lot of fun, too.) So if you’re a college or graduate student in need of an internship this semester – just personally or according to the registrar – and you’re energized simply thinking about being involved in community and environmental improvement at the grassroots level, there is opportunity for support and involvement at KIB in a number of ways. Please check out the opportunities on our website at,  consider what you can uniquely contribute toward KIB’s mission of helping people and nature thrive, and submit your application. It’s as easy as that and we’d love your help in keeping Indianapolis beautiful. Cheers to a fabulous fall semester!